Electronics Manufacturing & Assembly Services

Protronix EMS is an established contract electronics manufacturing company, committed to quality and service.

Focused on quality, and serving many high-reliability environments, where quality is paramount, and often safety critical.

Utilising a global supply chain of fully traceable material, Protronix EMS are able to offer cost savings and an end-to-end turnkey manufacturing solution of true value.

Approved to UKAS ISO9001 and following the standards set out in IPC-A610, with class 3 (High reliability or harsh operating environment electronic products) being the minimum level of quality accepted from our production.

Full turnkey electronics manufacturing, offering a ‘single order solution’, means shipped to stock products of the highest quality, at a low total cost.

An electronics design service is also offered for those clients who have a concept, but no knowledge of the design process. We offer design for manufacture support, which can be beneficial once the design is ready for prototyping, NPI and into full production.

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