Cable Assembly Services UK

Protronix EMS offer a complete cable assembly service, from a single wire cut to length, to complex looms.

Cable is cut and stripped using automated equipment, therefore we offer the most accurate and consistent sizing possible.

Crimping is undertaken using one of our automated crimp presses, offering consistent crimps every time.

The cable assembly is then tested using our analyser to ensure correct termination of every wire and to ensure other quality and safety parameters are met.

We are experienced with handling most cable and connector types, and have specialist equipment for coax, ribbon and flat cable among others.

Many of our client’s products operate in harsh environments, we manufacture cables that are interfaced underwater, others that are subject to chemical attack and heavy vibration, studio and broadcast equipment along with military and civilian air traffic control systems to name a few. These cable assemblies, like so many of the products manufactured by Protronix EMS have safety critical and hi-reliability requirements, their continued operation is essential. That is why batch after batch, Protronix EMS are chosen to produce these and many other cable assemblies. Of course not every client has such demanding product criteria, Protronix EMS also produce many cable assemblies used in non-harsh environments, whilst the client specification of the cable assembly may be lower, the quality and service offered remains consistently high.

Assemblies are manufactured in accordance with IPC/WHMA-A-620.

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