Electronic Component Kitting and PCB Supply Service UK

Our electronic component kitting and pcb sourcing and supply service will really save you time and money.

Why use Protronix EMS for electronic component kitting?

Having established a global network of approved suppliers and by being a high volume user of components ourselves, this has given us true purchasing power.

We can source your entire bill of material and save you significant amounts of money. Whilst you only need place one order, offering you a true value solution combined with reduced administration costs.

Do you have some high value lines you wish to reduce spend on? Obsolete or hard to find components that you need urgently?

See the benefits of our purchasing power when you utilise this service, with direct access to factory stock, and agreements with many high volume global suppliers, you can use this leverage to your advantage.

All handling and storage precautions are observed, and our facility is ESD protected. You can be sure that your electronic component kits are fully traceable, and will arrive having been handled and stored under the correct conditions.

A full range of device programming and packaging options are available.

Why buy bare board PCB’s from Protronix EMS?

With many PCB manufacturers simply importing their products from offshore, yet charging UK prices, we sell high quality UL approved PCB’s, that are 100% bare board tested, at competitive prices, from our global network of trusted PCB partners.

Each board type will be assessed based on its technical complexity, volume and other factors, before being placed with our selected partner that is best suited to meet those requirements.

When supplying bare board PCB’s, our margins are low, and savings are passed on to the customer. We view this service as a mutually beneficial offering, as it allows us to maintain competitive pricing against our own requirements, by purchasing increased volumes.

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