Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing Services & Solutions

We offer a complete electronics assembly solution for your products.

This service enables you to have your products shipped to stock, taking all the production issues away from your premises.

We also offer a total management solution, whereby we can ship product direct to your customers, removing storage and logistic demands from you and your premises.

We build electronics into small plastic enclosures through to complete sub rack systems and fully wired panels.

The final product can be subjected to a range of test procedures, to ensure full functionality prior to completion.

Protronix EMS offer the highest quality turnkey electronics manufacturing solution, of maximum value to the client. Clients find they can control their costs and focus on marketing their products, with Protronix EMS taking care of the complete turnkey manufacturing process.

The very high level of customer service and support offered by Protronix EMS means that you can be assured your requirements will be met.

If quality and service are important to you, and you are looking for true value from your electronics assembly solutions, then you too should appoint Protronix EMS as your partner for contract electronics manufacturing.

An increasing amount of companies are finding that working with Protronix EMS as their partner for their complete electronics assembly requirements, they are able to focus their attention on other areas of their business, aside from production. We are witnessing the move away from the outsourcing of just some factors of electronics assembly, be that companies who previously used an electronics contract manufacturer for the assembly of PCB’s, to then complete the build at their own facility. The complete turnkey electronics manufacturing solution from Protronix EMS offers the greatest value to the customer. Once the customer has established their requirements, they can place a single order with Protronix EMS and receive their products, in their own bespoke retail packaging with full identity and serial markings, and receive a single invoice to process.

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