PCB Assembly Services & Solutions

Protronix EMS offer PCB assembly services for through hole, surface mount (SMT) and mixed technology PCB’s.

Surface mount (SMT) PCB assembly is achieved with fully automated screen printing and placement machines, ensuring the highest accuracy possible. 0201 through to large and odd shape components plus BGA’s are placed consistently. Fine pitch components and lead-less components such as BGA’s and QFN’s are accurately placed using automated vision alignment, whilst passives and standard devices are placed at high speed using laser alignment.

This level of automation means we are well placed to assemble larger volumes of PCB’s in house, as well as having cells focused on smaller batch sizes.

Large format PCB’s can be handled by our SMT line. Those clients who require assembly of large format PCB’s, as often found in LED lighting arrays and antenna PCB’s, require a PCB assembly service provider with the capability to process boards beyond the limits of many equipment manufacturers maximum PCB size.

Assembled PCB’s are inspected with high resolution digital imaging, including ‘look under’ BGA inspection.

A wide range of test, programming and ‘burn-in’ options are also available.

PCB’s are assembled in accordance with the standards set out in IPC-A-610, and to our own exacting quality standards. PCB’s are assembled in EPA’s with operators observing ESD precautions.

We are one of the few remaining CEM’s also offering the complete assembly of RoHS exempt products. We have segregated lines for RoHS and non RoHS products. This has been an essential service to many customers who serve the military sector.

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