Cable Assembly Services UK

UK Cable Assembly Services

We provide a complete UK cable assembly service, from a single wire cut to length, to complex looms.

Many of our clients’ products need to perform in harsh environments. We have manufactured cables that are interfaced underwater, others that are subject to chemical attack and heavy vibration, as well as those used in highly sensitive studio and broadcast equipment, along with life-critical military and civilian air traffic control systems, to name just a few.

The price of failure for any safety-critical cable assembly demands absolute reliability. That’s why, batch after batch, year after year, our clients bring repeat orders to us.

Of course, not every client has such demanding product criteria. Needless to say, they still receive the care and attention upon which we’ve built our reputation.

Whether your product operates in non-harsh environments or in the most challenging scenarios, reliability is our watchword.

All cable assemblies are manufactured in accordance with IPC/WHMA-A-620.

We are experienced with handling the full range of cable and connector types and have specialist equipment for coax, ribbon and flat cable, among others.

Automated equipment means consistent cable lengths, combined with reliable and repeatable terminations.

Cable assembly is only part of what we offer

We were approached by a customer who required a cable assembly which needed to operate in extreme conditions, under both constant vibration and chemical attack.

A meeting of the companies’ respective process engineers was arranged and accepted methods agreed upon.

A long term relationship for the manufacture of this cable began, through the life cycle of the product.

“Protronix EMS provided us with reliable cable assemblies and continuous on-time delivery during our product’s life cycle.”

MD, Agricultural Technology Company

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Why Choose Protronix EMS?

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Protronix EMS Ltd manufactured the circuit boards for our Cryoegg instrument. They sourced the components, PCBs and did the assembly on a very short timescale ready for our field tests in Greenland in the summer of 2019. The instrument performed very well during our tests, and it was able to send us measurements from beneath 1.3km of ice.

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Cardiff University

The success and growth of our product would not have been achievable without the quality, service and flexibility we received from Protronix EMS.

Founder and CEO, IoT Company

Protronix EMS provided us with reliable cable assemblies and continuous on-time delivery during our product's life cycle.

MD, Agricultural Technology Company

Following mixed results with PCB suppliers, we approached Protronix EMS for some bare boards. They provide us with quality UL certified boards, at pricing we cannot beat elsewhere. We assemble in-house, but Protronix EMS provide all our bare boards, in various laminates, layer counts and finishes.

Supply Chain Manager, Scientific Instrumentation Manufacturer


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