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The complete contract electronics manufacturing partner to UK industry. 

Protronix EMS is an end-to-end contract electronics manufacturing company specialising in PCB prototyping and PCB assembly.

Since 1986, we’ve become trusted by some of the UK’s most prestigious players in every sector, producing electronic products to be used in the harshest operating environments on earth. And for safety-critical purposes where failing components simply aren’t an option.

We’re known for our no-compromise approach to quality: on quality of work, the standards we assemble to, the automation technology we employ and the components we source.

We offer a completely bespoke service, flexing to your needs. From PCB prototyping to rolling out large-scale production requiring the placement of hundreds of thousands of PCB components per day.

What’s your electronics manufacturing challenge? 

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If you need UK based PCB assembly, complete electronic product assembly or any other contract electronics manufacturing services, contact our friendly team today or drop us an email at

Why Choose Protronix EMS?

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Protronix EMS Ltd manufactured the circuit boards for our Cryoegg instrument. They sourced the components, PCBs and did the assembly on a very short timescale ready for our field tests in Greenland in the summer of 2019. The instrument performed very well during our tests, and it was able to send us measurements from beneath 1.3km of ice.

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Cardiff University

The success and growth of our product would not have been achievable without the quality, service and flexibility we received from Protronix EMS.

Founder and CEO, IoT Company

Protronix EMS provided us with reliable cable assemblies and continuous on-time delivery during our product's life cycle.

MD, Agricultural Technology Company

Following mixed results with PCB suppliers, we approached Protronix EMS for some bare boards. They provide us with quality UL certified boards, at pricing we cannot beat elsewhere. We assemble in-house, but Protronix EMS provide all our bare boards, in various laminates, layer counts and finishes.

Supply Chain Manager, Scientific Instrumentation Manufacturer


Contract electronics manufacturing is the overall term used to describe the manufacture of electronic equipment by one company on behalf of another. Contract electronics manufacturers like Protronix EMS are companies that manufacture electronic products for other companies.

We can take on either the whole build of your product, providing a complete service from sourcing components to assembling and testing the finished turnkey product. Or we can offer individual services like PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and cable assembly. 

Manufacturing offshore can be attractive, but there are many benefits to working with a UK based contract electronics manufacturer including shorter lead times, more consistent quality, greater flexibility and ultimately a better return on investment. Currency fluctuations, geo-political risk, logistics (especially on any returns) and language barriers are all greatly reduced by manufacturing within the UK.

All of our PCBAs are assembled in accordance with IPC-A-610 Class 3 standards, so we can assemble boards suited to harsh operating environments and with all due ESD (electrostatic discharge) and moisture sensitivity precautions.

We have extremely strict QA procedures so that you get the highest acceptance rate possible. All of our assembled PCBs are inspected using a variety of high-resolution inspection systems. We are always seeking continual improvement, examining the latest technologies and advancements, to see how they may benefit our customers, as we strive for perfection.

Yes we can! Some clients provide us with all components, others prefer to save time, hassle and money, by leaving PCB supply and component sourcing to us. There isn’t a PCB-compatible component we don’t have a supplier for, so it’s often the simplest solution, requiring a lot less logistical fuss. It often means a lower cost per component as well, thanks to our ability to source from an established supply chain.

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