About Us

Originally established in 1986, Protronix Industrial Services supported a range of process control and instrumentation equipment, originally made by a global instrumentation company.

With complete manufacturing facilities, Protronix were often asked to manufacture products on behalf of selected companies, both local and multinational, and so the contract manufacturing service was born.

With the majority of the business comprising contract manufacturing, in 2006 the company was rebranded as Protronix EMS to reflect this.

Today Protronix EMS is still working with some of the same customers we were in 1986, and many who have been regularly working with us for 15-20 years or more. This is testimony to the levels of quality and service received, giving the customer the best overall value solution.

Today we still support end users globally, in the oil and gas, power generation and other heavy process environments still using those proven legacy systems.

Whilst the core of our business is providing complete manufacturing solutions to companies in a wide range of sectors, locally, nationally and throughout the world, all requiring a quality manufacturing partner they can rely on, and who offers them a true value solution to their production requirements.

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