UK PCB Prototyping & NPI Services

Protronix EMS offers the FAST-EST (Every Single Time) PCB prototyping service.

We aim to be first to quote and first to build, making you first to market.

Utilising this service enables the client to get their products proven in the fastest time possible.

PCB prototypes are production quality, and where viable use production grade tooling, thus lowering the costs of re-tooling and the lead-time when moving from prototype to production.

Protronix EMS offer a premium PCB prototype service, but without the cost premiums often associated with fast turnaround rapid PCB prototyping.

During the prototype phase is the ideal time to utilise the ‘Design for cost’ service, this is where via our traceable supply chain, we can offer suggestions for alternative parts on the build, that whilst meeting the performance requirements, may have significant cost savings over the specified part and have greater availability. Working with Protronix EMS at this crucial stage adds great value to the project, especially in the medium-long term. By optimising the BOM and PCB layout in partnership with Protronix EMS, the cost of material and assembly, along with availability, can be accurately forecast, offering stability beyond the initial trial batches.

By appointing Protronix EMS at the prototyping and NPI phase of your project, you can be sure of the highest ROI and FAST-EST route to market.

A number of companies offering PCB prototyping services require the customer to free issue the components. This is not the case with Protronix EMS. Full or partial procurement is available, with low volume common value passives offered free of charge (when available from stock, terms apply)

Case Study – PCB Prototyping

A long standing Protronix EMS client required rapid pcb prototypes for a revised version of their main product line. Within 48hrs of us receiving the gerber data and BOM, the client had production grade fully functional prototype pcb assemblies delivered to their door. We have provided FAST-EST prototype pcbs to them on a regular basis since.

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