Surviving Harsh Operating Conditions: How Protronix EMS is Powering Cutting-Edge Research in East Greenland

In the world of electronics, harsh operating environments can put even the most advanced products to the test. But for Protronix EMS, supplying reliable technology for Cardiff University’s work as part of the East Greenland Ice Core Project (EastGRIP) is just another day at the office


As part of their ongoing research into conditions under the ice in East Greenland, the EastGRIP team relies on electronic assemblies manufactured by Protronix EMS to send crucial data back to the surface. Despite facing pressures in excess of 200bar and temperatures as low as -30°C, these assemblies have proven their mettle by operating successfully in this harsh environment.


So what makes these electronic assemblies so special? The answer lies in Protronix EMS’s commitment to supplying products that can handle even the most extreme conditions. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and rigorous testing procedures, Protronix EMS ensures that their products can stand up to anything the environment can throw their way.


As a result, researchers like Dr. Liz Bagshaw and Dr. Mike Prior-Jones can continue their groundbreaking work in East Greenland, confident in the technology that is supporting their efforts. And with more and more electronic products being designed for harsh operating environments, Protronix EMS is poised to continue supporting those companies making a big impact in the years to come.


So the next time you’re looking for a solution for a tough operating environment, remember: no problem is too big for Protronix EMS.

Hercules C130 Skis, Dr Liz Bagshaw

Dr Mike Prior-Jones, CryoEgg


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