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What are the benefits of a turnkey PCB assembly service?

Search for PCB assembly companies in the UK and your first glance down the search results will suggest that you’re spoilt for choice.

Some are purists, specialists in precision PCB assembly. Others offer a greater range of services, from PCB prototyping through to a turnkey PCB solution. 

Even if you’re considering a straightforward PCB assembly service, it’s worth looking at those contract electronics manufacturers (CEMs) that offer end-to-end turnkey electronics manufacturing services.

It’s a useful first stage in the test and trust process of outsourcing a complicated service.

What does end-to-end turnkey PCB manufacturing involve?

You’re looking for a CEM partner who can comfortably and confidently take care of every stage in the process of electronics manufacture.

This process can can be broken down into 6 stages:

1. Component and parts sourcing
2. PCB prototyping
3. PCB assembly and cable assembly
4. Assembled board testing
5. Production at scale
6. Post-manufacture service (stock inventory, distribution etc).

What you receive should be a product that consistently lives up to the agreed design and a reassuring feeling that your firm’s reputation is in safe hands

The benefits of turnkey PCB assembly

Apart from peace of mind, there are a few more tangible benefits to choosing a CEM with end-to-end capability.

Faster production timescales

Choosing a turnkey PCB service can accelerate the route to market considerably, for several reasons.

Your chosen CEM will have longstanding relationships with trusted component suppliers around the world; they’re always up to date with what’s available and how quickly it can be delivered. They should also be able to ensure that, while you’re getting good value for money, you’re not building obsolescence into your electronics by sourcing components that are discontinued.

Because the production line has the right components every time and in the best time, there are no last-minute incompatibility issues to throw the schedule into disarray.

Turnkey service suppliers are – in most cases – well-versed in internal communication and processes, so there are none of the delays you might experience when coordinating multiple suppliers and service providers.

And finally, there are no transport times to take into account when the entire service takes place within a single facility.

A more cost-efficient service

The simple fact is that an end-to-end PCB assembly company is usually going to be able to offer you a more competitive price. 

That shouldn’t come at the cost of precision or quality control, of course. It’s a truth you’ll see in virtually any industry where services can be combined within a single business; it’s in that company’s interest to beat the prices each individual service supplier would quote you.

Meanwhile, there’s a cost saving to be had in terms of time saved for you and your team.

Less stress and more time to get on with your own work

Liaising between and coordinating the efforts of an entire supply chain takes time and effort that could more productively and profitably be spent elsewhere. It can be stressful, too. Storing and managing your own inventory carry their own costs, which can be readily absorbed by a CEM partner.

Choose the right manufacturing partner and you’ll save money, speed up production and improve design and build quality. 

But it’s worth putting in the time to examine any prospective partner’s capabilities, track record and technical expertise. That time investment will more than pay off in the long term.

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